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Optics Suggestions for M1A EBR

Hey guys I was hoping to pick your brains a bit. I recently dropped my M1A Scout into a Sage EBR chassis and am now searching for the perfect glass to go with her.

I was originally thinking something along the lines of 3x39 or 4x32; I looked at a Trijicon ACOG but I can't justify buying a scope that cost almost as much as the gun. I also thought about an EeoTech of some sort but that seems a little short ranged for a rifle chambered in .308/7.62x51.

On a secondary note I have a Specter 3 point sling with HK style hooks that works great with the iron sights but might be a little in the way of an optic. I am thinking a rail mounted sling hook could solve the problem but am open to other ideas.

Suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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