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If you are in a state that requires 500 square inches of bright orange to be worn, then your defeating the purpose of camo anyway.
It may seem silly to wear camo and an orange vest and it would be silly if a deer's vision worked like a human's.

But deer do not see the world the way humans do. Their eyesight is not a sharp as a humans and they perceive color differently. They do not differentiate between red, orange and green like we do. They see leaves as yellow brown. They see a blaze vest as a yellow blob.

This has been very well established:

So if you wear a blaze vest over camo, you will be visible to humans (good) but hard to see to deer (also good). If you hunt in areas where there are lots of hunters you might want to consider wearing a solid blaze vest to satisfy the law over blaze camo clothing for concealment from the deer while being highly visible to other hunters.

A plain old dark colored shirt and pants will do the trick in most circumstances, since the movement is what will get you caught quicker than anything else. All the camo in the world won't keep you from spooking a whitetail if you show any movement.
This is certainly true, but it's sort of beside the point. Camo is not intended to keep deer from seeing you if you move, any more than it's intended to keep deer from hearing you if you play a boom box at full volume. You have to keep still regardless.
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