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I've just finished reading about the shooting at the Empire State Building today, and there was one particular part of the story that just floored me:

The two policemen were EIGHT FEET AWAY, and only hit the gunman 7 out of 16 times!
I think the information you have is wrong. They only hit the gunman 7 times, maybe, but they hit 9 people which ups their hit rate considerably , 3 with actually bullets including the gunman and the rest with fragments.

One officer might have been within 8 feet, but it looks more like 10+ and the second officer might have been at 12-13 feet and opened the distance during the extent of the encounter.

Even so, none of the distances were not great at all.;mostpopvideo

Note that ALL injured/killed except the murderer's lone victim were shot by cops.

At the time of the shooting, the gunman was in rather casual flight, apparently trying to blend in with the crowd when the cops addressed him and he then pointed a gun at them. Before that time, as seen in the video, nobody around on the street had any sense of ongoing danger. The gunman was not activily threatening people and was not an active shooter. He had killed his coworker and was effecting his escape.
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