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does this actually reflect the kind of accuracy we can expect from ourselves under threat?
It all depends on your training. I've worn out my keyboard typing that. Cops are no different than the rest of the population. Some are shooters, some aren't. At the minimum they have required training and a fairly stringent qualification once a year.

The general population of CCW users will do much worse than cops. They are poorer trained, have less experience with stressful situatiuons and very minimal qualifications. The total silhouette portion of a B27 target is about the size of the front door of your house. In Louisiana, you have to hit that from a max of 5 yards away with no time limit, I believe it's once every 5 years now.

live range fire shall include 12 rounds each at 6 feet, 10 feet and 15 feet for a total of 36 rounds;

each applicant or permittee must score 100 percent hits within the silhouette portion of a N.R.A. B-27 type silhouette target with at least 36 rounds.
At least the cops are required to have in-service training and shoot the POST qualification course once a year.

The majority of CCW carriers don't practice at all, much less get ANY kind of meaningful training, and have no experience performing under stress. Why would you think they would do better than someone like a cop who at least has a little required training and practice and some experience in stressful situations?

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