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Slow and Easy, is the way

The fit and instructions out of the box, should be pretty good or easy to work with as compared to other kits. I always advise that slow and easy, is the way to go. I can usually spot a kit gun by pictures as the builder lost patience and rushed it. Might add that I am not big on patience.
As I said before, I assemble to service state and then make "pencil" notes as to what areas will need attention, such as the lock plate and tang metal to wood fit. As far as metal and wood finishes, that is one area that you can put your personal touch. ...

All white metal parts, I had a shop do a Black Oxide application. I suspect you might want to go Plum Brown, on your flinter. On the wood I went with an Antigue Oak and tung oil. ....

Enjoy and;
Be Safe !!!
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