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Considering that a self defense shooting will take place, or maybe better said SHOULD take place up close and personal. Likely 20' or much less --------

---------if you can get your shots into a saucer sized area, and do it rapidly, that is all you needed. Almost all firearms with almost all ammo will do that.

What your CCW firearm does at 50' or 25yds is totally un-important as you are now, in almost all cases, well beyond the self defense distance.
Just because most self-defense shooting take place at short distances does not mean that I will never have to defend myself at greater distance. Now, I don't shoot my J-Frame at 50-100 yards (though I do shoot some of my other handguns at that distance) but I don't think that training out to 30 yards is unreasonable. Training at greater distance does not hinder my ability to shoot at closer ranges, so I really have nothing to lose.

Also, even at what I consider to be short range, the difference in POI between 158gr bullets and 130gr bullets is still significant. From my M36, 130gr bullets hit 3-4" below the point of aim at 15 yards (the shortest range at my local facility). While 3-4" probably wouldn't be enough to make you miss the target all together, it could very well be enough to be the difference between hitting something vital or not.

Now, there are ways that someone could compensate for the difference in POI such as modification of the sights or simple "Kentucky Windage," but I find simply using ammunition which shoots to the sights to be the simplest and easiest solution.
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