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NYPD shooting, my input...

I read the topic posts & also saw the media reports of the shooting in New York City.
I'd start by saying, I'm not a NYPD officer or a sworn LE officer in the area so I'm not an "expert" about NYPD standards & marksmanship.
I would say that when you look at the factors involved, there may be some reasons for the way the shooting event took place.
I do know the NYPD has used DA only sidearms for decades. I owned a Ruger GPNY .38spl revolver in the 2000s. The NYPD Glocks are also given a heavy trigger pull. I've heard the NYPD P226 9x19mm trigger is awful compared to the SIG Sauer DAK system.
Heavy triggers aside, I also read that NYPD brass now only requires one(yes, one) police qualification per budget year. The agency's 34,000+ sworn members do not have strict mandates that some PDs use.
I'll close by saying this lethal force incident shows how & why doing close range or CQB type drills are important. Some violent attackers may be 20ft away but many could be 0-3ft from you. Be PREPARED!

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