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Remington 879 Express Combo

Sorry for the rookie questions but haven't been able to get much hands on time with shotguns or know many people that own them. I won this at a wild game dinner several years ago but didn't have opportunity to shoot much. Gun club has trap and skeet range and allows slugs on rifle range only. Did try a trap match at public range which was fun.

The box says 870 Express Combo, the receiver is stamped 870 Express Magnum and it came with a 28in vented rib barrel and an "extra 20in RS barrel". Can't find the manual right now. Online manual is not helping with these questions.

Both barrels: Avoid steel shot? Magnum loads OK in both? They both are stamped 2 3/4" or 3". No mention of magnum except on receiver.

20in bbl: The box says Extra 20in RS bbl. Does this mean it is rifle sighted or rifled for slug use? I don't see the typical spiral rifling. There are 4 lines that run the length of the barrel. The chamber is smooth and mirror finish. The rest of the barrel looks unfinished and can see very fine circular banding all the way down. Some areas worse than others. No choke. The 28in is a mirror finish all the way down. Is this meant for slugs? If yes, is it supposed to be rifled? Does firing lead shot hurt a rifled barrel? If its not meant for rifling or slugs, when would you use a 20 inch barrel for shot loads instead of the 28in barrel? If I were hunting with a 20in barrel and slugs, what would be the typical effective range?
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