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I would echo the sentiments above, but it would be a waste of text. They said it well enough already.

And, don't worry about the "X7" vs "XL7" confusion.
The model is the X7.
The long action variant (.25-06, .270 Win, .30-06) is the XL7.
The short action variant (.243 Win, 7mm-08, .308 Win) is the XS7.

The North Haven rollmark on the barrel doesn't mean much, either. There were quite a few Marlin barrels that got shipped to the Remington factory, when X7 production was moved. That rollmark just means that the barrel was made before the North Haven plant shut down. Other than looking up the serial number, there's no easy way of telling which plant it was actually assembled at (unless it's marked on the box).

Conversely... there were actually quite a few Remington barrels (stamped for North Haven) being used at the North Haven plant, as well. Marlin ran short on some barrels before the shut down, and used Remington-produced barrels on some models.

Both combinations of parts perform just as well. So, it's not something to worry about.
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