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Anyone tried a Stoeger Condor Youth 20 ga?

My 14 year old has grown to love all of the shooting sports I have introduced him to but I have yet to take him to the shotgun range. I'd like to introduce him to trap/skeet/sporting clays and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the Stoeger Condor Youth 20 gauge. I gave no experience with Stoeger at all except for looking at them in the gun store. Obviously they are no Beretta or Browning, etc. but are they worth the $400 for an over/under 20 gauge? I already have a Remington 11/87 compact/youth 20 ga. that is my preferred method of flinging pellets into the air but I think a double might be a better first shotgun. By the way, the little single shots would not be my first choice. Your thoughts are always appreciated.
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