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I've never seen any reliable or period source that confirms the .45 Schofield was ever called .45 Colt with any adjective involved.
I don't know if you misunderstood my question: I was trying to say what if those cals were known as "45 short" and "45 long" ONLY and no one really cared one was S&W and one Colt. In other words, was it was popular nickname at the time for the cartridges? Then perhaps, since Colt developed the 45 colt, people added "Colt" to 45 long? I'm not say that is what happened, but we also have no idea what the cals were popularly referred to as in 1875 for example.

I think they called the short .45 Colts, .45 Short Colt, and the long .45 Colts, .45 Long Colt.
Well we got one box of short 45 Colts left, we sold out of 45 short Colt. For long 45 Colts we are all out, and 45 long Colt doesn't exist!
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