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M249/M240 Belt Fed Open Bolt Specific Question

Hi Guys,

My first post so I hope I don't get flamed. I have been searching the web and youtube for answers but cant seem to find the exact answer.

I am working on a digital project that involves very specific and accurate weapon mechanics so in order to stay true I am trying to get every detail right.

Question is this: After the M249 or any other belt fed MG runs dry (end of belt, no more rounds) the reload is as follows (safety not considered, just mechanical): lift the cover, insert new belt, close cover now this is where I am confused, since it is an open bolt rifle does the bolt stay locked to the back after the last round? I presume it does, to aid cooling and prevent cook off. If it is to the back and the new belt is in does the cocking handle need to be manipulated or is the weapon read to fire? Meaning will the forward motion of the bolt strip the round off the belt or does the rearward motion of the cocking handle load the round.

Any help would be appreciated.
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