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The secrets of shooting under stress is nothing more then mental management.

With enough "GOOD" practice, you develop muscle memory, via mental management.

In other words, you don't think, you act, your muscle memory takes over and you react subconsciously.

Linda Miller and Keith Cunningham addresses this in their book "SECRETS OF MENTAL MARKSMANSHIP".

They relate several stories in their book showing it works.

One they mentioned relates to your topic to a TEE.

"A state trooper made a traffic stop and as he approached the rear fender the driver steps out and starts shooting with a shotgun wounding the trooper.

The next thing the trooper remembers is reloading, scanning left and right. The bad guy is laying on the ground dead. Seven rounds out of seven, lacing the bandit from belt buckle to sternum.

The trooper doesn't remember shooting, training, practice, and shooting competition took over. Muscle memory took over in this stressful situation.

Miller and Cunningham's book is full of such incidents.

They make a point the relate at least three stories to back up their point, stories of LE officers, Military, and competition shooters.
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