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The funny thing here is that after I got the BYF 42, but before the P38 and the G date, I was at a dealers shop I know. I bought some small stuff from him, and he threw in a P38 hardshell holster. The holster has some problems, but he basically gave it to me. So if you were following along, I got an army luger holster with the P38, a police luger holster with the black widow, and a hardshell P38 holster followed by the police G date luger. So basically, I was able to do a switch around to mate each gun with a correct holster. I was lucky it worked out that way. What are the odds. Also notice that both of these mauser luger SNs end in "73" - what are the odds of that?

Last saturday I made it to a local show and scored this very clean AC 45 P38. Sorry, no leather, but I will get a holster eventually. It has a correct P38v / U late war mag as well. All matching, non import. AC 45s are uncommon because the Germans surrendered in 1945. Only approx 32k were made, compared to well over a 100k each for AC42, AC43 and AC44. This one, without a letter suffix, made made in Jan 1945. I hope I look this good when I'm this old....

Well thats all the ones I got since I last posted. Questions / comments are welcome.
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