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I got this shot of the BYF 44 which shows the differences in finishes between phosphate and blue. Look underneath the barrel compared to the frame.

Some say the all blued Mausers were the nicest fit and finish P38s of the war. I'd like to compare one someday to an early walther such as a AC 40 or a 480 code, but I don't have either yet. This BYF 44 was my first Mauser made P38. I end up getting more CYQ code P38s than anything.

The P08 army issued holster that came with the P38

Then I was lucky enough to find another good luger. This one is a Mauser made (S/42) G date aka 1935 police issued luger. G dates came after K dates (1934) so the Nazi's could look like they were not violating the treaty of Versailles which restricted the Germans from 9mm military pistol production. Starting in 1936, they didn't care anymore and put "1936" right on the chamber of their lugers.

Per Jan Still's data, its in the right block, the E block (they used E and F block G dates) for the police accepted G dates. Still says only approx 900 G date lugers were accepted for use by the police. These had the sear safety added as mine does. Mine has a matching Haenel Schmeisser magazine. The gun all matches to the firing pin except the grips, which are unmarked. I was very happy to find this luger. Not many around.

This luger, S/42 G date compared to the other one, a BYF 42, (also Mauser made) has strawed small parts (the gold color finish). This was discontinued in 1937 in favor of blued small parts

Here is a pic of the sear safety. Basically every police luger had this added since it was required by the police for their lugers. Often you will find this added to Imperial era lugers. Its the thin metal strip on the top assembly which has the rivet on the right side. Compare this photo to the BYF 42 to see it does not have it as it was army issued.

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