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I once collected German/Axis pistols and had a few Sauer 38H's. One was a Nazi Police pistol with a commercial finish that was about 99% -what a slick little gun! I always thought that cocking/decocking lever was a great design
You know, overall, I like the Sauer 38H the best of it and its contemporaries. I love my Walther PP and my HSc is pretty neat, but for function and feel, its the winner IMO. The PP bites you, and the HSc curve is too abrupt to feel great in my hand. Perhaps if my hand was smaller, but they're not big as it is, it would feel better. I love Walther stuff, but the PP/PPKs were not perfect. Although as a collectible, they are hard to beat.

Some other Kraut gals, with and without leather.
Pitfighter, I have been meaning to inquire about your photos for a while now. Are those all WWII original guns aka bringbacks? Wow - either way. Whats the gun above the G43? I see a bolt ? The one on the left, a MP 18 ? And, in case anyone does not know, that gun on the left in the large group photo is a collector's dream. Thats a FG 42. Is it a clone Pitfighter?

In your pic with the 3 guns, is that a G41? Are any of your MP40 looking guns MP38s ?

Here is an article about those FG 42s - pretty neat guns:

Winchester, your holster appears to be for a Unique Model 17.
Thanks for the info Gyvel.

Ok back again with some I got recently. I've been on a streak with these type of guns. I better go back to revolvers or I may forget about them completely! I like WWII guns a lot. First, I got these 3 pistols from a local dealer. Both FN 1922s are full rigs, WaA140, with marked magazines. Both guns have unmarked holster. The holster that looks femaru-ish is correct for a FN 1922, a Krieghoff pattern, although not marked. The pebble grain holster is nice as well. The other lady is a Hungarian lady - 380 Femaru without leather. Original mag, pretty nice overall. The wood grip FN has a SN of 80XXX and the black bakelite grip FN SN 38XXX.

Then I got this really nice BYF 42 "black widow" luger. This gun came with an original black FXO bottom mag, a post war VOPO mag and some Triple K type replacement. It also came with a repro luger tool and a police holster. A nice find I thought.

Its a D block SN with the barrel gauge marking. In this block black grips / black bottom mag was common. Many black widows today are made up when someone wants to boost their byf luger. All of the research I did shows this one to be an original specimen. It is not imported and matches to the firing pin.

Here is a pic of the markings on the holster. The holster is in nice shape overall. The X's represent the holster being re-issued.

I then got this nice BYF 44 P38 with 2 P38v / U magazines. The neat thing about this P38 is despite being a BYF 44, it was made in 1945. This is because Mauser had these parts already made or perhaps they didn't care to change the code. Mauser suffixes went straight through the alphabet, meaning if D was reached in 1944, then they went with E with the same marking for Jan of 1945, for example. Since its an E block, it was made either Feb or March 1945. After those 1945 BYF 44 guns, the code changed from BYF to SVW. It came with, ironically enough a nice P08 1941 EPF holster which goes great with my black widow. The seller thought it was a P38 holster. He actually attempted to correct me when I asked if the holster had a luger tool. Go figure. I believe the gun to be a dual tone as well, since it has the phosphate frame with a blued barrel. The slide appears to be blued although its worn some. All matching, non import.

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