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As someone mentioned the axis is a budget model. designed to be produced quickly and cheaply (even more so than the normal M10/110 action). I have one and while its a great little rifle you are pretty much stuck with how you get it from the factory. There is no aftermarket support for it and given some of the design choices and intended budget role of the rifle there isn't likely to ever be much support for it. There is a trigger or two that will fit it thats about it.

The m10/110 is their standard action that has been around for decades in one form or another. I don't know about the swedish midway site but there is a much bigger aftermarket for the m10 you can start with a budget package model and turn it into a heavy barreled precision rig in your garage with little effort if thats what you want. There are different versions of the m10 such as staggered feed/center feed, location of the floorplate release etc. Seems that for the most part the older staggered feed has the biggest number of replacement parts (namely stocks, as many of the ohter parts will work across the different versions of the rifles), but I've seen the center feed stocks getting more support in the way of parts, (again namely stocks).

If I had the choice I'd go with the model 10. The axis is cheap, accurate, but it is a budget gun. Good for buying if someone will need a rifle to borrow, or just a beater gun or something. Model 10 is the way to go.

As for the action length 308 is a short action (savage short action is more of a medium action) but i guess once upon a time savage only had the 110 and did all their chamberings on the long action. Also a lot of sites will just list all of the parts under the 110 listing because they will work on either the long or short action version. If i'm not mistaken stocks are usually the only part that won't fit between a 10 and a 110. Triggers, barrels, recoil lugs etc are going to be the same for either one and thus might only be listed under the 110 section.
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