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I have one on order.
We knew you couldn't resist.

It took about five months to get mine last year, from order to delivery.

Only disadvantage compared to a revolver is it has a power range floor, below which it will not cycle. It needs +P for the .38 Spl spring, and moderate .357 loadings (considered "normal power" factory loads nowadays) for the magnum spring.

Mine failed to cycle properly with mild .357 reloads using HP-38 powder. It also, expectedly, didn't like the LSWC bullet profile.

With any sort of reasonable curve to the bullet ogive, and decent power, I've had no problems at all. It has shot hundreds of factory Magtech and Federal 158g JHP, and reloaded 158g hard cast TC and RNFP with zero problems. The latter tested through a range of 13.0g to 15.0g Alliant 2400 powder. I don't go for lower bullet weights, although I have no doubt it would function with 125g at the proper power level.

It's a fun and accurate weapon, and is rapidly becoming one of my favorites.
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