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Thank You all for some excellent discussion and I certainly hope to hear more, from what I have read most of you sum up that there are too many variables, size of person, barriers, glass or steel or wood or dywall etc as these could all be different in different shoot outs, however I would say there is one constant in all shootouts, flesh and bone.

It has been pointed out that it has been tried before to simulate bone and it failed, that does not mean in cannot be tried again, and succeed.

TailGator has an excellent argument that the heart or brain is only a few inches under bone therefore 12 inches of penetration in ballistic gellatin should reach it, but that does not take into account the density of bone compared to flesh or ballistic gellatin and as far as bone shards at velocity causing additional damage that is a benefit and of interest to me also.

This reminds me of the old argument of relatively slow long large round nose bullets for dangerous game as opposed to small lightweight bullets at high velocity.

Anyway penetration is paramount to me,,,much much more than expansion and I still would like to see a medium similar to bone included in the ballistic testing of bullets with ballistic gellatin, until then I will carry the bullets with the most penetration.

Thank You, rbernie,,,for Brassfetcher, just googled him up and will read,,have read some of his tests with simulated bone and gellatin, and bookmarked it, was worth it to me anyway to start this thread just to learn of this website and info, Thanks again!
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