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DO NOT DRY FIRE ANY FIREARMS. thats why they sell snap caps.

Funny, your a firearms instructor that says DO NOT DRY FIRE then recommend snap caps. Ive spoken to AND read other instructors that recommend AGAINST snap caps because "It builds a bad habit". It builds a bad habit because your "loading" the weapon with an object resembling a cartridge and then pulling the trigger. Students in classes had NDed (Neglegant Discharged) their weapons thinking they put in their snap caps then...BOOM! Oops, wasnt a snap cap. Heard of it many times! My advice to ALL: Ask the COMPANY before dry firing and always clear your weapon... heck clear it twice. Wont hurt a thing. Its a good habit to form. lastly, If you make the decision to dry fire, discharge in a safe direction. (I know some of you out there are saying duh, but NDs still happen...even to squared away soldiers and instructors) On a final note, I PRACTICE what I preach, I do not reccomend stuff because it sounds good. I clear one or more weapons a day at my current job... and I wont use snap caps.

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