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Surplus 55 gr FMJ/SP
26.0 gr BLC-2
LC brass
Rem 7-1/2 or Fed 205 SR primer
no crimp

This load is a staple of mine. It wont win matches at 1000 yds but it will do what needs doing. I can hold 3 to 4" with it @ 100 yds (irons) and BLC-2 measures beautifully with my 550B. It achieves 3028 FPS/115 ES/35 SD.

I took it up to 27.5 gr before but it's much more accurate at 26.0 for me. I used surplus BLC-2 also. This load is cheap to assemble and very impressive for surplus bullets. It's not quite as accurate in my older Mini but good enough for general use and certainly minute of rabbit even in a Mini @ 100 from field positions.
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