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As you will see in the next few months, grizzlies will again dominate the headlines as hunters take to the hills. Most will hunt alone either with a bow or rifle, and very few will carry spray. Those that do carry spray will always opt for the weapon first as that's what they are cradling and have easy access to. Some will win and some will lose, that's just the way it is.

I did notice quite a few more hikers carrying spray on my journey through Glacier a few weeks back than in years past. The bears there are relatively benign as opposed to the GYE as the rangers haze them pretty good.

Many bears have come to learn that the sound of a gun is a meal. Usually waiting for them is a gut pile or a carcass to be taken over. Once they are delisted in the next few years, many feel that it will instill a fear in them that is not present now. I say bull. Boars and Sows without cubs are fearless of guns if they are surprised or if they want to take over your kill. Their alpha psyche and huge adrenal dump just over rules any fear a gun will bring.

Some advice. If you are unlucky enough to get charged and can't get into the fetal position, fight off your back with your legs. Bears always go for your head as that's the anatomy they instinctively try to neutralize first. Your legs are your strongest limb and may allow you the time to get to your weapon. In the past year a young man in AK used his legs to get a griz off of him, and this year a woman kicked a bear to ward off any damage to her head or torso.
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