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And I guess walls and a solid roof never gave you an expectation of privacy either???? Many of these craft can see through your walls in levels of detail you wouldnt believe. Should the government who is to protect us now be recording us through our house walls and in our most private moments?

It can and will happen and wont matter if its an accident or intentional, it will happen.. No the government must have clear limits of its power and ability to spy on the population.
There is a Supreme Court decision that says the use of infrared technology to "see" through the walls of one's home is a search and would normally require a warrant. They have accepted cert on a case where police conduct a "knock and talk" at the front door (perfectly lawful so far) but have a drug dog with them who alerts to the smell of marijuana from inside the house. Is this like the use of infrared to "see" inside the home or just a simple knock and talk? Interesting question for the court to answer.
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