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I shoot mostly 5-stand and sporting, but I have some English friends (NEVER call them Brits!) who shoots skeet in the International style. If the squad is OK with it, he will actually get CLOSER to the house than the peg for practicing.
He has a firm grip on both the wrist and forearm and when he calls pull he is standing slight hunched forward so he uses his back and hips as he mounts and pulls the trigger. His superposed fits him to a tee, and he has always shot it this way, so years of practice make it work. The few times i have tried it with my 8.25#, 32" O/U, I am about 50% - premounted, I am about 98%, so my technique and fit aren't quite there, even if my reflexes are fast enough. We were NOT using the delay, this is just a warm-up for moving to the FITASC field

Good luck, IMO the International versions of skeet, trap, and sporting clays make our games seem like child's play
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