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At a very early age we as toddler's learned to point, mostly to proclaim what we wanted. Shortly thereafter we learned we could cup our hands touching our fingertips together and make a loop, or a circle. It didn't take us long after that to realize that not only could we take the finger we were pointing with and put it up through the loop in the other hand, and we could do it without looking... consistently. Little did we know at that age that we were actually teaching ourselves how to reload.

With the magazine positioned on a belt with the bullets facing forward, driving your thumb down between your torso and the magazine and gripiping it between your thumb and your traffic driving finger, your index finger will lie nicely down the front. The movement from the belt to the mag well then is a natural and indexable motion than can easily be repeated and without having to look - put your finger in the loop.

Furthermore, this positioning opens up the flat back edge of the magazine to the flat back edge of the magazine well, another solid index point. In Addition, rolling the fingers forward opening up your hand (pointing your fingers down range) while seating the magazine will stretch out the skin on your hand slightly and help prevent getting it pinched between the magazine base plate and the lip of the mag well. And while not life threatening, blood blisters on the palm of your hand just make you feel stupid!
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