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Originally Posted by MLeake
I am not a fan of deliberate setups such as this seemed to have been.

OTOH, some of the comments from supposed LEOs below the article linked in the OP were downright disturbing. For example, Nork should only have approached once other officers were set up in overwatch, with weapons covering the open carrier?

So I read comments like that, and I can't help but think some of these YouTube showboats have a point...
I think many of the problems reported by people carrying legally pertain to police cultures, with some behaving very reasonably, while other behave in ways that concern us all. The Canton, Ohio PO who told a carrier not to speak, then lost it when he later discovered that the man was armed is an extreme that was dealt with because the car had tape running. We've also read examples of some prosecutors charging wiretap violations when people record police action.

Like sitting at a lunch counter or not sitting toward the front of the bus, carrying openly may seem unduly confrontational. However, if it help to change the culture so that more POs don't see carrying as a threat, those set ups do some good. You aren't going to change a culture that doesn't get scrutiny because the problems aren't recorded.

This isn't the only video in which a PO handles a carrier well. What impresses me about this genre (the "doing it right" video) is how much farther a PO gets with a smile and reasonable courtesy that they get with an instinct to ostentatiously control all aspects of an encounter.
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