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Redman is correct. You should keep a few options open if you can. Keeping your cool is the MOST important thing.
I also live in Wyoming and hunt in country that can be over populated with Grizzlies. I have been WAY TOO CLOSE to them a number of times, but as yet I have not had to fire a shot.
The more close encounters you have the more likely you are to arm yourself I think.
I have hunted dangerous game in the past and had a few "pee-bringers" myself. In all my years and from every experience I have had, and from all the men and women I have talked to that have had such experiences I have come to what I would call “rule #1!”

Do NOT panic!

Think and act, in that order.

Moving fast and ineffectively is not as good as slowing down just a bit and being deliberate.
As in gun fighting, you should move as fast as you can but as slow as you must to make a good shot. That goes for pepper spray, guns, cars, or any course of action.

Thought must precede action. Sometimes it’s so fast as to be blended with action, but that also comes from training and experience.

Though MUST come first. Training is the application of thought into learning before the action occurs, but it’s still thought in action.

Keep you cool!
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