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Came up with some GOEX Pinnacle in 50 grain equivalent plugs.

Coupla questions from a guy who does not ever shoot long arms:

1. Can I cut the plugs in half with a sharp knife and get 25 grain equivalent or is this too dangerous?

2. Can I crush the plugs and get powder (I can figure out the energy contained per volume) or is this too dangerous?

3. If I can cut the plugs in half and use them as 25 grains, will they compress for example in a .44 caliber revolver, to the point where the air spaces are gone?

4. This is a rhetorical question.....Why in the world would GOEX think that folks wanted such a useless product?

I don't mean to offend anyone who loves these things and I am standing by for the deluge of criticism for my narrow minded, underinformed opinion. (Every one of you knows that I don't allow my ignorance of some topic prevent me from spouting off.)

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