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I'm an advocate for 2A and open carry if it so suits you. Personally it doesn't suit me to open carry however I'm not going to condemn others for doing so if they aren't legally barred from doing so.

That said I've seen too many videos made by people who are not only open carry advocates but are also just jerks. They purposefully go out and about open carrying (and sometimes the dumbest things like a GSG 522) in an attempt to instigate an encounter with LEO. Seriously who goes around with a video camera AND a live weapon like that openly carried unless they're trying to set up the first cop that comes their way? I've got many friends who are LEO and personally I'd be pretty upset if one of them were ambushed like this.

I think the mature thing to do would be to simply OC if that's what you wish to do and if you can do it legally. If you are confronted by LEO deal with it politely and in a manner that draws as little attention to you as possible and if your rights have clearly been violated then retain a lawyer.
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