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Originally Posted by coltnut
Should have been 2nd Gens. ASM was out of the gun business in 2000 so wouldn't have been making guns after Colt BPA quit making them in 2002.
3rd gen, ASM was alive and well in 2000 and continued to produce replica revolvers through at least 2004. 2004 is the newest date I have on ASM's I own.

Looking at the revolver in question I think it's a partially defarbed ASM. After 2000, ASM moved all the proof and ID marking to the bottom of the frame in front of the trigger guard.

Even now, here isn't a whole lot of info about how many Sig Series guns were actually made. Maybe once I get all of the 2nd Gens, I'll start on the Sig Series.
Lou sold more 3rd gens out the back door than the front door, we well never know.
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