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It's funny what people will beat you up over. Long Colt or just Colt. Magazine vs clip. I think the worst beating I ever took was over "automatic." When I was a kid/youngster I never heard the term "semi-automatic." It was an "automatic." If you were talking about a machine gun it was a "full automatic." A 1911 was either a "45 Automatic" or an "Army Colt." A Browning A-5 was a "Browning Automatic." Nowbody ever questioned what you meant. I don't care if Browning made a dozen other semi, or full automatic firearms, a "Browning Automatic" was an A-5 Shotgun. I knew it was a semi-automatic only because Jack O'Conner said it was in Outdoor Life. (And I believe he just pointed out that "technically" it was a semi-auto.) But you can bet I wasn't going to try to tell my Grandfather that.

Oppps. That might start another debate.
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