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International Skeet

They are offering international skeet at my shooting club for the fisrt time, so I figured why not? I have to say as difficult as this was it was an absolute blast! I think i'm hooked, I can't wait to go back and keep trying this. This is something I want to perfect. The club is looking to run a league in September and I have to be in on the festivities!

I shot two rounds of this after some trap and the first round I did fairly decent holding my own, the range assitant threw a few of the clays out of order but it was oaky since we were both learning. The second round I tried starting from the hip like you are supposed to and my score was much lower. I will definetly have to practice this at the house mounting from my hip with a little more speed. Practice makes perfect. I shot with my Beretta AL390, I know this is predominately and O/U game but this is my main gun at the moment and I shoot pretty well with it.

Anyone else shoot international skeet? Tips, tricks, advice?
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