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Norma Brass

I'm new to reloading and have started out with Lee dies to learn. I have bought new Norma brass and after I full length sized it is 0.017'' short than the Trim-to length. I seat and crimp in a seperate process and has done me well on the other cartridges I have reloaded, but with this cartridge I have noticed in both Seating Die & Factory Crimp Die my cannelure bullets are being seated 0.005'' to 0.009'' deeper in the crimp process, I'm not putting a heavy crimp on these either. Is this being done because Norma brass is short of Trim-to Length? This is the only brass cartridge that has done this, all the other brass I use Win. & Starline has to be trimmed to length when new. I'm guessing when I shoot these rounds the brass will stretch to the Trim-to Length. I know this may be too nick picky for some but I like to produce what the book calls for. Any information would be appreciated.
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