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I might as well post my view on the 45 colt vs 45 long colt controversy:

My first revolver (don't ask me why) was actually a S&W 460 VXR. I had no intentions of shooting 454 casull, because, whats the benefit? I figured I would start with 45 colt, get used to the revolver, and then shoot 460s later.

I went to wal mart to look for 45 colt ammo one day. The attendant for the ammo / hunting section asked "what do you need" I reply "45 colt" he says "yes sir" and hands me a box of 45 acp. I say "no no 45 colt for a revolver" (although many many revolvers were made to fire 45 acp) he says "ohhh, you mean 45 LONG colt". He presumably was confused for 2 possible reasons, one, its 45 acp, as in Automatic Colt Pistol or perhaps Colt made so many 1911s, that you would call the round a 45 colt because they are so intertwined. Also, 45 long colt because its longer than 45 acp (who knows what people are thinking). I'm not saying that makes sense, but you can never assume what another man is actually thinking at any given time.

My opinion on this matter, and on clips vs magazines is the old saying "When in Rome, do as the Romans do". Odds are, even among a gun crowd, you could be out numbered by the long colt guys or the people who say they have a glock pistol clip. When I'm at a gun show, and walking around, I will ask for say a luger or colt clip, but when I sell, my item is a magazine. You aren't going to change what is popularly spoke in regards to these topics, and truthfully, you could confuse someone. Its just not worth it. If someone ASKS you, its different. When you're in the retail setting, you have to speak THEIR language to better accomplish YOUR goals.

And just because you (anyone) know there wasn't really a 45 short colt, and you know that the 1911 uses a magazine and the garand uses a clip, it really doesn't mean you know anything. When someone gets on a soap box about those subjects, I'm not impressed with their knowledge. Maybe you can impress non-gun people with such talk, but there are many more important things to know and understand.
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