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Stevens Springfield SxS 12ga

32 years ago after my grandfather passed, my grandmother gave me a shotgun that belonged to him and I could use some help dating it.

It is a hammerless 12gauge side by side.

Frame Left side:

Right side, nothing, no model # stamped anywhere that I can find.

There are set screws above the firing pins which I have not seen in pics or drawings.

On the top of the fore end, it is stamped in the wood and steel both with the number 1669. The same number is also on the top left flat of the frame hidden under the barrel when the breach is closed. The 1669 on the frame has an 'F' after it, but separated by 3/16"-1/4".

The barrel is 30" long with 2-3/4" chambers, is stamped 1669 and has a small, maybe 3/32 circle with *Y inside, cannot tell what the * character is. Last, a B on the bottom of the block that retains the fore end. The barrel has a center bead. It is stamped on top with SELECTED FORGED STEEL on the right side and PROOF TESTED 12 GAUGE on the left.

In front of the trigger guard is a small circle with the number 23 inside it. No mistaking it for numbers, but lots of what I have read says a date code would be a letter/number combination. Also, Springfield was dropped after 1948.

The stock has checkering and red recoil pad.

What can you guys tell me about this as far as age and model #?

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