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The serial number is C3308XX
It's a 38 Military & Police.
Serial numbers ran from C277555 in 1954 to C402923 in 1956.
Model numbers did not start until 1957, at which time it became the model 10.
If the original sales receipt says model 10 on it then the gun did not sale until post 1956 although it was made earlier.
Square Butt was the standard configuration for that time period.

The model number is stamped on the frame just in front of the cylinder. It's only visable with the cylinder open. It would be either a model 36, 37 or 38.
$300 to $400 depending on condition.

Serial number CPE8xxx
That SN would be post 2004, the lastest date the SCSW covers.
S&W customer service will give you the DOB over the phone for free.


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