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Update-2nd range trip

Well, I went ahead and polished the chamber, lubed the slide with some Tetra grease, and headed for the range.

Ammo was 50 rounds of Federal 115 grain FMJ, 50 rounds of Federal 115 grain HiShok JHP, and 50 rounds of American Eagle 147 grain total metal jacket.

Number of failures to extract out of 150 rounds fired: 0

Blue Locktite held the grip screws just fine.

I had discovered a couple of sharp points on the bottom rear edge of the grips which a jewelers file took care of, my hand felt much better after this session.

Shooting today was more informal, 7 yards shooting at chunks of clay pigeons. Did some point shooting drills, double taps, and emptied a few magazines as fast as I could pull the trigger just to check for reliability. The 938 zipped right though it all.

It still shoots a bit to the left, but at 7 yards, it is pretty minimal. I still need to get a hold of a sight pusher to correct that.

It bites that I needed to tinker with a brand new gun to get it to work like it should, but I am relieved that the fixes were pretty simple.

Next, I'm going to see if the dreaded WWB will run in it, and run a few hundred more rounds down range. If it continues to operate the way it did today, I'll call it good to go.
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