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This Bernard action is extremely specialized and was purchased for F class competition.

As you can see from the pictures it has very thick sidewalls and the only holes are for the scope, trigger and action screws. It does not even have an ejector.

The lack of holes and thick sidewalls make this a very stiff action. Something that is desirable in target rifles.

Kent Reeve won a NRA long range Championship with a single shot Mauser. It was highly unusual for anyone to be competiting with a Mauser, stiffer single shot action or not, but Mr. Reeve claimed with a good follow through it was good enough, and so it was for him that year.

During the blackpowder days you will run into single shot rifles, the commercial ones were just cheap, the military ones were due to the early technologlical development of the period, and the desire of the military not have issue repeaters to troops. Military leaders did not want troops “wasting ammunition”.

This M71 is a single shot, maybe someone knows why it has German and Belgium proof marks? And maybe what that Landwehr V OA NEB might stand for?

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