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throw the book away...
Lee has made more enemys jus because they supply that silly sheet of paper
Aways use your scale,lee obviously thinks little of its customers by suggesting they underload ammo
Lee does that for one big reason; some dummy is going to try to load WITHOUT using a scale! Then the undercharged shells won't cause an overcharge/damaged gun.

MEC, the shotgun loader folks, do the same thing with their powder bushings. I have yet to find one that charged what the chart said they should,(always light). Again, it's for those that don't have a scale, or don't bother to check.

As for something as insignificant as having to go to a bigger cavity, making somebody mad, I'd say there's plenty of room in anger management classes!
The more people I meet, the more I love my dog

They're going to get their butts kicked over there this election. How come people can't spell and use words correctly?
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