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Recommend me a Greatcoat (Black, civilian type, cape or no cape)

Winter is coming, and I want a Civil War era civilian greatcoat for use on the road, regular street wear and for outdoor work. ( I do a lot of contracting, electrical work, HVAC plumbing etc outdoors and it gets quite cold).

Do you guys ever wear those civilian pattern greatcoats on a daily (Non-reenactment) basis on the street? Or seen anyone wear them? Not that I care about keeping to the times but just to see how impressed people are with these coats.

The black one with the shoulder cape looks quite cool and I would love to wear it for regular use on the city streets and work.

I already have a North Korean army greatcoat that I wear all the time and it holds quite well against any type of weather but the 19th century Civil War one has even more of the cool factor that I am looking for.
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