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"My own experience with Lee dies has shown their tolerances to be all over the map. Whether or not you get a tight, concentric seating die with a properly fitting seating stem... is just a roll of the dice."

You have me a bit confused; my Lee 'seating stem' is a free-floating steel bushing that self centers directly over the bullet if the user works it properly. And the bullet alignment/guide section of my Lee dies are almost always noticably tighter than others costing much more; in fact it's difficult to use slightly oversized cast bullets in most of my Lee seaters. ???

Lee's "butter" alum seating die cap really isn't subjected to much pressure, I've never seen or even heard of one stripping out so they must be plenty strong for the job. I have my own 9" South Bend Mod. A lathe and make a lot of reloading tools and improved parts with it but it's never even occurred to me to replace those caps.

No seater can correct bad case necks.

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