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I have the Lee primer pocket cleaner. It works if I use it though I do not most times. I also have the Lyman case prep tool kit or what ever it is called. I bought it from Cabella's for removing primer pocket crimps from .223 Rem brass. I use the small cleaner to check for pocket clearance before reaming primer pockets. If the cleaner will go in and twist I have no need to ream the pocket, a primer will seat. If it does not go in then I know the pocket is crimped.

Oh and using dry media in a vibratory cleaner will not clean primer pockets, or the insides of the cases, regardless of what you wish to add that I know of.

Doc I own the HF vibratory cleaner. I reccomend that you remove the nut holding the bowl, and add a lock washer, and lock nut. Make sure they are tight. It has so much torque it will strip the threads if you do not. Mine did. I have seen the reports of several other people that have had the same problem.

Due to bad dust allergies I started using a Sonic Cleaner to clean range pick up rifle brass. I just have to wait for it to dry before loading. I do still use the vibratory for super cruddy stuff from the buckets though I use it outside, and wear a dust mask to keep from agrivating my sinuses.
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