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Newb Questions

Hell All,

I used to shoot when I was in Corrections but haven't shot any in a couple years. I always thought Competition shooting was interesting but know nothing about it.

Where is the best place to find info on it?

What are some of better inexpensive hand guns to look for? (I know inexpensive there is no such thing but i didn't want to say cheap)

What calibers?

And just some overall good info that I can sink my teeth into and possibly get started?

I guess a little info about myself might help: I am 50 years old, have had back surgery and a hip replaced and looking at having the other one replaced. So to say the least I am not in the greatest physical shape and know my limits and breaking through doors, running and rolling around on the ground are not within my limits.

I guess I am looking to just do some plain old target shooting if there is such a competition.


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