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I think this well beaten horse means we should carry pepper spray and an appropriate handgun within easy deploymen
I think that either/or is probably a better choice, b/c the list of issues that prevented any meaningful firearms use could easily apply to the bear spray:

From the report:
Firearms failed to protect people for a variety of reasons including lack of time to respond to the bear (27%), did not use the firearm (21%), mechanical issues (i.e., jamming; 14%), the proximity to bear was too close for deployment (9%), the shooter missed the bear (9%), the gun was emptied and could not be reloaded (8%), the safety mechanism was engaged and the person was unable to unlock it in time to use the gun (8%)
Having both would seem (to my mind) to double the odds that your brain will betray you and you won't be able to use spray nor firearm effectively. A full quarter of the firearm failures were on account of "losing the draw."

At the risk of being "that guy," I'm liking this report b/c I only have black bears to worry about....

from the report:
When the animal involved in the incident was a black bear, odds of firearm success were more than 38 times greater than when the bear was a brown, polar, or unknown bear
Interesting read. Thanks for posting it.
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