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The article in Gun Digest was one of the major factors in my decision to purchase the 722 which was originally chambered in Remington 244. At one time I had a set of Gun Digest annuals from 1970 to 1975. Over the years they have dwindled do to people borrowing and never returning and have been misplaced during multiple moves.

Since the rifle was to be rebuilt into a long range varmint/antelope rifle my intent at the time was to:

1. Re barrel with a List 27 inch semi bull barrel in 257 Roberts.
2. Install a double set trigger with one List had designed.
3. Top with a Weaver K-12 scope.
4. Restock with a Bishop Laminated thumb hole stock. Mr. Bishop was still alive and as a friend of my fathers he had committed to do the restock himself. Unfortunately, he was unable to take on the project. It still sports the plain Jane stock which is not sexy but has remained stable in environments ranging from the swamps of Louisiana, to the deserts of Arizona by way of Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas and Colorado.

List suggested that the double set triggers were unnecessary. With about 5 minutes work he eliminated the trigger problems. (bad trigger was one of the OPs concerns)

Today, 35 years later, the rifle still does its job.

Irregardless, of who said or did not say something the 721 Remington is an outstanding rifle. Whomever the writer I quoted from memory was, he was not receiving any compensation for plugging a rifle which had been out of production over a decade.

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