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I'm not so sure I agree with that statement. But I will quickly add that it's particularly difficult to know what was going through an inventor's head over the space of a decade, in this case, between the time his first automatic came out and when his most successful design came out, which actually is twelve years.

Browning's locked breech automatics work differently from the blowbacks, which you know. Chances are, and I can't prove this, the 1909, 1910 and 1911 models of the .45 automatic owe more to the Model 1900 .38 ACP, which was a Colt, than to either of the 1903 models. In fact, the .45s are even quite different from the .38 ACP models, which remained in production for several years. It's rather surprising given how FN introduced more models during that period than did Colt. But FN may have been the bigger company.
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