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Potential New Rifle Owner...

I am looking into buying a rifle for when I am visiting with my nephew. He likes to hunt, and I don't want to just stand around and watch all of the time. I was l However...I don't know where to begin, and there are things that concern me.

I'm 33. When I was in my early 20s, I was arrested for having a knife in my car that was said to be a concealed weapon(double bladed). That's a felony on my record.

I live in Chicago and I don't think guns are permitted here(without a huge hassle). That's fine. I will be keeping it in Michigan if I need to, where I will use it.

What State would be easier to purchase a rifle in, Michigan or Illinois?
What would I need to do so in either State?
Am I likely to be denied a rifle because of the felony on my record?
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