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Traditions revolver manufacturer

The following has also been published on The High Road and Black Powder Times black powder forums:

The discussion (sometimes debate and, thankfully rarely, argument) in the black powder forums regarding what company is the 'better' manufacturer of firearms is seemingly endless. This is actually a good thing as it keeps the manufacturers aware that their customers continue to care about the quality of their offerings, and are not hesitant to make public any shortcomings.

Traditions does not provide the sources of their products on line or in the catalog. As a result, many people believe they are the original manufacturer of the products they sell and warranty. In fact, Traditions is a distributor, buying at wholesale from importers and selling to both other wholesalers and the retail market. This is a common and thoroughly legitimate business practice emphasizing skill in inventory control and logistics.

To bring a larger measure of accuracy to the discussion regarding manufacturer quality, it's important to 'lift the veil' as to the source of Tradition's products. Along those lines I recently asked them to divulge the manufacturer of their black powder revolver line; they responded directly and quickly to my request, providing the manufacturer's name. Unfortunately, the responding message contained a non-disclosure caveat prohibiting me from passing the answer along; I suspect the caveat was standard 'signature line' addition to all emails and probably not intended to have the effect it does in this case. Nonetheless, I'm bound to honor it.

I can say the manufacturer is a very large and popular company. Traditions does not remove the manufacturer's stamps from the guns, so anyone who has recently purchased a gun from Traditions can readily see who the manufacturer was; perhaps they could provide that information.

Lastly, I have to admit I'm puzzled by Tradition's policy of not naming the manufacturer in their catalog listings. Other retailers do so, and it would seem to me, at least in the case of the revolver manufacturer, that it would only be a positive selling point.
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