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CCW permit for non-immigrant alien


I'm planning to be in US for next couple of years on non-immigrant visa.

As far as I know, by federal law non-immigrants can own a handgun if they have a hunting license and comply with state residency policy.

So, could you please advise me on CCW laws of South-East US States; right now I can choose my resident state: Alabama, Tennessee, Florida...

I read on their site that for example Tennessee licenses are issued only to US citizens or resident aliens (greed card holders, immigrants) but not to non-immigrant visitors.

To be more specific:
-- in what state can I get CCW (or equivalent) permit on my visa status?
-- in case if I wouldn't be able to acquire CCW permit, can I still purchase a gun (apparently I can, based on ATF site info) and keep it at home for HD? Will be I able to practice at shooting range with it?
-- how should I be transporting the gun, unloaded, in truck, and etc (if I don't get CCW permit)?
-- can I attend gun training courses, is it legal for my status?
-- will be I able to purchase a gun at a gun show or from a person, or only FFL shop?

I'm going to bring my family with me, and, apparently, I think owning a handgun or revolver for self-defense would be a good idea, but, of course, in a totally legal way.

Thank you very much for your opinions.

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