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One more question gentlemen. When discussing the B guns, several posters have stated that if one fits......the other brand won't. I realize this is subjective, but can you give me some specifics about the differences between the fit of the Beretta vs the Browning? I have no range around here that rents the B guns so other than shouldering them in the is hard to know if it really fits.
The differences are subtle, yet they do matter - stock dimensions are different between the two - different drop at heel, comb, cast (previously mentioned), toe, pitch. The guns themselves are different - Beretta's action has less depth to it than the Browning with its underlug - that isn't saying one is better, just different, and thus will come to the shoulder and point differently for each person

You should be able to pick a spot on the wall holding an UNLOADED gun, close your eyes, mount the gun, open your eyes, and be looking directly at that point without seeing any rib. What helps is also how you hold the forearm. Many folks, to aid with the pointing aspect, use their index finger alongside the forearm in a pointing manner - this helps a lot in making sure the muzzle are pointing where you look as you will naturally do that
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